Marooned on an island.

external image Filming-Fiji-island.jpg

Imagine there was a plane crash in the South Pacific. There were 14 survivors who ended up marooned on an island. There was also a small boat found on the island.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTYXtPaoV8FMMUrDd6RKPKhIvGT9j1vvapfsP-PfRC818HJrk3ziwIt is determined by the group, that the boat can hold 5 people comfortably.


Decide who is to go on the boat, and hopefully go and get help, and who is to stay back on the island.


  1. Mom with 3 kids(at home)
  2. Convicted killer
  3. Ocean Scientists
  4. Fisherman
  5. Doctor GP
  6. CEO of Google
  7. Salesman
  8. 10 year old child
  9. Profesional Basketball player.
  10. Movie Star
  11. Soldier
  12. Farmer
  13. Hair stylist
  14. Politician
  15. Carpenter

Who would you send on the boat and why?