Grade 12 – Applied Math (40S)

Welcome to math class. You might need this class to graduate!

Applied math is intended for students considering post-secondary studies that do not require a study of theoretical calculus. It is context driven and promotes the learning of numerical and geometrical problem solving techniques as they relate to the world around us.


There will be tests, assignments, exams. The bulk of assessment will be Tests.

Missed Tests

If you miss a test for whatever reason it is important that you come and talk to me and arrange for an alternate date for the test, preferably before the test. The new test will be different and might be harder.

Attendance and Punctuality
It is very important to be in class, and to be on time and ready. These are life skills. Please make every attempt to be in class.


June 1st

Old exams

May 30th
Periodic functions

May 22nd


May 14th

Here is the template to use for Networth:
Networth Template

May 10 & 11th

If you finish the first part, here is the 2nd part.

April 30th

Finance Unit

April 23rd

Let's Try this out

April 2nd

Google Sheets

March 9

Feb 27th

Set theory

Feb 26th

GSA Assembly

Feb 7th

Domain and Ranges Lesson

Feb 6th


Periodic Functions


Here is the template to use for Networth:
Networth Template

Finance Part I

Finance Part II

Here is the All period plan:
Start with a logic puzzle
Research Project

Alright class, I am trying Google Classroom. Please join with the following code:
Guess Who

Lesson on Truth Tables:
Truth Tables

For those that are ready for Set Theory Test:
Make your own question

This course has logic built into the assessment.
Try completing a KenKen:

I would like you to tell me a little bit about yourself. I will go first, and then I would like you to fill out this form:
Tell me About Yourself

We are going to start with the unit called "Set Theory" Click the link below labelled "Set Theory" and make a copy to your google account.
If you don't have a personal account with google you can use your 7oaks created account. The credentials are the following:
User name:

Student ID(your password to login into any computer at school) with a 'g' at the end.

Set Theory

Periodic Functions

If you are taking the Retest I suggest to try these 2 examples

Polynomial Functions

Finance Unit

Logic Puzzle

TMV solver