On October 27th, Wolverine math students participated in the amazing race. They needed to solve a series of puzzles and problems to reach their destination and claim a prize!(Chocolate).
In this version of the The Amazing Race, students did not get the chance to tour the world, instead they got to race around West Kildonan Collegiate. How great is that?

Students from Ms Amaladas' and Mr Boughen's class took part in West K's version of the amazing race. Students were given 4 math problems to start. The solution gave, them a locker number and combination.
Once they solved this they were on to the next problem. In all the students had 7 problems to solve; they ranged from finding the vertex of a parabala, to using a cipher to find a phone number from a license plate. The engagement level by the students was great to see.
-Corbin Boughen