Assignment 1

Skills you will need to know:

  • File Creation
  • Pen tool
  • Shapes tool
  • Free Form Tool
  • Properties Window
  • Frames and animation
  • Colour Concepts
  • Hot spots
  • Menues, Submenues and linking to websites
  • Saving, and Exporting


This is two fold. First you will be creating a personal logo from scrath. Then you will be creating a webpage about yourself that will link to World Wide Web.


  1. Create a Folder in your Basic Design Folder titled "yourName"
  2. Be sure to save early and often. Go back to the folder you created called "yourName."
  3. Create a Folder titled "Website".
  4. Inside "Website" create Fireworks file. Call it "aboutMe" make it 600 wide by 400 high.
  5. Find an image on the Internet, or make one in Fireworks that represents you. The image should cover the entire canvas.
  6. Create a vector Rectangle somewhere on the page. This Rectangle should be 100 by 100.
  7. Inside this rectangle create a logo. It is your creation. It needs to have objects. Those objects should have "fill properties" and "Line / Stroke properties.
    • This Logo should represent you. Therefore, you should be able to answer the question: "How does this creation represent you?"
    • The logo needs text and animation. (Remember to duplicate Frames when starting your animation)
    • The colour scheme of the logo should match the colour scheme of the image.
    • Make this logo a link back to the REC home page.
  8. Create a Hotspot button somwhere in the Image.
  9. The button needs Menues and Submenues.
    • The first menu should be titled your name.
    • Submenus should be labelled:
      • Interest -> Then 3 submenues that are your interest. These interest need to be linked to active unblocked sites.
      • Dreams -> Then 3 submenues that are your Dreams. These dreams need to be linked to active unblocked sites.

Be sure to be thinking about colour scheme and design. Do the colours work together? Is it easy to navigate?

Assessment / Criteria

We will discuss together. How will you be graded?

Due before Class on Tuesday September 16th