Computer Science 20S.

June 5th

Period B Text Based Game:
Text Base Game

May 28th
Text based Game

May 17th

Text Based Adventure game

May 14th

Scratch Websites

May 9th

Try and create a triangle solver. The triangles will be limited to right angle triangles. Use Pythagoras' theorem to solve.

May 4th

Make a program in Scratch that asks the user for numbers and then returns the Average:
Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 4.03.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 4.03.22 PM.png

For added Difficulty,
try returning the maximum number from the list, and the minimum number from the list.

April 23rd
Kodu Marking Page
Please take this Survey

Number Gamne

April 4th


April 2nd

Clicking Game

March 20th

Per D:

Tower D -MyWorld
Tower D 2018 - Ladybug
Tower D 2018 - Health
Tower D - 2018 Tank

Per B:

Frenzy My World
Player Code Frenzy
Frenzy FishTwo

March 19th
Clicking Game

March 13th

March 9th

Code to help with the white lines

March 6th

Sharing Scratch Games

Per B Feb 28th
Car Game

Per D Feb 23rd
Next One Turtles

Per D Feb 22nd

Please complete this tutorial:
GreenFoot Tutorial
NB - you will be asked to download a Greenfoot project. Please remember to extract it. Save it in your Z drive, then open it.

Per D Feb 7th

Sharing Our Games

December 12th

Tower Defence Game

November 13

Turtle Greenfoot
external image gz.pngClick the icon for the zipped file

November 7th


November 1st

I would like you to make an account on PuzzleBaron. com
Then I would like to finish a Calcudoku which is similar to a Kenken.
Then I would like to you finish a logic puzzle.
Also I would like you to finish one of these each day.

Here is a link to the site:

October 18th


September 18th

Joining a Wiki

Work on Falling Leaves

Tower D

Track And Field

Feeding Frenzy

Greenfoot Audio

Space Invaders

hey Azelle

Leap Frog

Adding Music to Scratch

First Assignment
Class Scratch Wiki

Car Game

Frog and Fly

Comp 2015

Our School

Greenfoot Tut 1


Let's Start Scratch

Athletic Banquet Sign Up

Logic Puzzles

Clicking on Pictures

Hang Man


Track meet stuff

Kodu Game 2

Manitoba Voting

Making Kahoot Quizes

Launching Sprites in Scratch

Scratch Game 3

Jump Algorithm

Shooting projectiles in Scratch

Scratch Marking Sheet

Introduce Yourself

Here is the wiki we will be using to mark each other games:

Sharing our Scratch Games

Second Scratch Game

Today we will try coding in Grok Learning.

Grok Learning

Head to the site above. Create an account and start working through the first tutorial.

Here is an idea on the 62 % turning:

Project 1:

Create a Scratch project with the following requirements:
  • Four of ...
    1. Sprits move
    2. Sprits spin
    3. Sprits follow (or avoid) the muse pointer
    4. Something happens when two sprits touch each other
    5. Sprits change color or costume

  • The background changes.

Please Click here 2015

best game

Question For Boughen

Go to the link below. Create an account and work your way through HTML
Code Academy

This is the page for Computer Science Period B for the year 2013-2014. For this class I will update this page a couple times a week.

Here are the assignments we have completed so far: Computer Science Period B Assignments

Here is a link to the online Gradebook: Online Grades

Here is a link to the concepts we will conver: Concepts

Need a Challenge try this one: Tough Comp Sci.



Visual Basic Lab 1

Write some code on the Fly. Once the Fly collides with the apple you will get the next code!