Tower D

U of M Contest

Space Invaders

Notes on Shooting Something

Let's get our brains working, this morning.


Here is the 2nd tutorial:
Frog and Fly

Ok Gentlemen we are starting Greenfoot. Today. Please complete this first tutorial:
Greenfoot Tutorial 1

You can probably finish it this class. When you are done please try this one:
Turtle Greenfoot
external image gz.png
external image gz.png
Click the icon for the zipped file

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Clicking On Pictures


This morning we will start coding in HTML.
We will use Grok to get to know the basics:

App inventor 2nd Window

Voting Compass

App Inventor Tutorial

Kahoot Quizes

Logic Puzzle

Grok Learning

Pear Deck

Feb 23rd

How to Join a Wiki

The wiki you will want to join is this one:

Grade 11 Comp Science

Two Different Women

Scratch Code

Game one Scratch

Scratch Game Two