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feb 8th, 2018
Logic Puzzle
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Feb 6th 2018

Linear Inequalities

Unit 7.6 - 7.8

Factoring, and using the Quadratic Formula.

Factoring Matrix Style

Page 428 number 4b An example of solving a quadratic equation using Quadratic Formula.

Page 429 Number 10 An example with context, solving the zeros using the Quadratic Formula

Page 438 number 9 A tough example using Perimeter, Surface Area, and the Quadratic Formula

Page 444 Number 12 - Waterfall in Edmonton - An example of creating a quadratic equation from information of a waterfall, in Factored form.

Page 444 Number 16 - An Example on a Golf Course - An example creating a quadratic equation in Factored form, from someone shooting on a golf course, trying to avoid a tree

Congrats for making it this far Grade 10!

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Ice Breaker First Day:
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Let them label Axis and values.

Desire to read
distance traveled
Love of math vs desire to get better at math.
Work ethic
Love of ice cream
Distance from School
  1. of pets

Groups of 4:
come up with favorite book, movie, class.