October 10th:

Frame by Frame

October 6th:

Geography Quiz

Website Navigation Bars

Hey Dom and ParkerOctober 2

Hey Christian create an account on this site, and then take the HTML course.

September 26th

Make your own site:
  • Name
  • Styles
  • Colours
  • StickPerson embeded
  • add 5 links to your favorite site. Have them open in a new window.
  • Add 5 images of things you like to do.

Have a look at:
w3 Schools

Here is where you will code

instructions Boughen tried to explain

September 20



Plan for Sep 18th:

Ten minutes of typing:
Lets Type
Web desing students continue working on HTML class in Grok Learning
Animation Students are working on their Pivot stickman project.
Let's Race

Here is the plan for Sep 15th:

I made you an account on Typing.com
Lets Type
your Username is firstNamewk
password is the same for the school network.

Type racing vs your classmates

Here is the plan for Sep 12th:

Stick Practice

Our class wiki:
Class Wiki to Join and Add to.

How to join a Wiki:
Joining a Wiki

Join Code:



Assignments Thus Far


I would like to thank Phil for inspiring me to change my picture. His great work in class motivated me to select the picture I did.


Here is the Exam:
A Day in the Life

Dec 16th

All Period Day Feedback

Two more games:

Avoiding Game, Sorry no Sample

Collision Detection game

Feedback from this morning please click below:
Feedback from Red River Tour

Here is the Thank you assignment:
A quick Thank You

Dec 13th

Cartoon Characters

Marking the holiday themed shorts

Dec 7th

If you would like to try another game, here is a link. It is a game of a Mid Evil Night shooting Dragons:
Dragon SHooting game

Dec 5th

To start we are going to brainstorm some ideas:

Brainstorming Winter Themed Ideas

December 1st

Today we will be looking at some more examples of digital shorts. After you watch you will grade them. To grade them use the following form:

I am the Teacher. Yessssss!

Nov 24th

Here is the alternate assignment. Meaning you don't want to do the balloon game:
Ahhh Christmas

Nov 19th

Baloon Game



Travis try this code:

on (press) {
startDrag (this, true, 30, 80, 140, 110);
on (release) {
stopDrag ();

Notice it's very much the same except for the numbers which follow the 'true'. These numbers are the bounds of the rectangle within which we will allow users to drag the clip. (Yes, you must define a rectangle, no circles or triangles, it's four points !). From left to right the numbers are: left, top, right, bottom. These are measured in pixels from the top left corner of the movie where _x and _y both equal 0.

Nov 10th

This is the code you will need:

output = input;



Nov 9th

So you have a choice of projects here they are:



Digital Short

Today we will learn how to click and drag something in Flash. This will be in preparation fro the Christmas Card Project.

You will need this code:

on (press){

If you want a object to appear on top of another insert this code in the on(press) chunk


If you would like to do the tutorial on you own you can go to this site to learn it:
Clcik and Drag Tutorial

Here is what we are working towards:

Oct 27th

Here is the next assignment:
Fot the students in the class that can read typos click here:
Advertise Something

Oct 26th

today we will learn about Filter tweens

Then we will be working on the following new assignment:
Wolverine Football


Today we will look at buttons that flash has built in, then we will look at how to add sound effects to buttons.

follwoing that you will work on the following assignment:

Oct 14th

I am not in today students. I know, I can feel your disappointment.

The plan today is to create a lip synching character. The character is already made, and so are the mouths. There is a mouth for each sound we can make.
All the files you need are in the P:/ Corbin.Boughen / Assignments / Talking Character. In there there is a word doc, that explains the assignment, as well as some supporting files. You can make your character say anything you like (as long as you have the .wav file of it).
Also, be sure to play the completed maze game of your peers. The link is on the top of this page. So remember to work hard and get some work done, Brittany no watching TV, or checking Facbook!

Now get to work class!


Oct 12 th

Place this on the action layer. Where it says 'mySound' type the file extension of you sound.
Name the instance of the button myButton
Here is the code:

newSound =
new Sound()

function() {

function() {
or newSound.stop(); if you only want to stop that sound//


Maze Game

The plan for today is to add to the maze game that we started yesterday. If you play the game today you will notice that the mouse turns into a custom drawing (which is really well done) of a car. Yours does not have to be a car, you can place any drawing in there.

The lesson I am doing today is also online. Here is the link to it.:

Custom Cursor

If you perfer reading from a site instead of listening to me you are welcome to do that.

Here is the Action you will need:


Oct 6th

Here is the code:


The code for the maze:


We are going to try and make a maze game today

Oct first

Download the following file:

Here is a link for sound effects:
Soud effects

Can you download this?

Loading a riffle:

Brendan and Jariet click here: Beginners

Room 103

Please check here I will try to update daily

Here is the assignment that we will be working on today and Monday:
Promoting a Company


Today we are going to learn how to Ghost Write.

Here is an example:

We will also do the following:

Sep 20th

You will need to copy and paste this later:

stopBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onStopClick, false, 0, true);
function onStopClick(evt:MouseEvent):void {
playBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onPlayClick, false, 0, true);
function onPlayClick(evt:MouseEvent):void {
nextBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onNextClick, false, 0, true);
function onNextClick(evt:MouseEvent):void {
previousBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onPreviousClick, false, 0, true);
function onPreviousClick(evt:MouseEvent):void {

Today we will be learning a motion guide.

Here are the steps:
  1. Draw a plane in the Library
  2. Go back to Scene 1
  3. Put your plane on the stage
  4. Add a motion guide.
  5. Add keyframes on both layers in fr 20
  6. On Fr 1 of the motion guide draw the path you want the plane to take
  7. On fr 1 of the plane layer snap the circle to the beginning of the line.
  8. On fr 20 of the plane layer snap the circle of the plane to the end of the line.
  9. Add a motion tween
  10. Don't forget to orient to path.
That was practice now create your own.
Things you will need:
A background.
Something on a motion guide possibiilities:
  • Helicopter
  • Bullet from a gun
  • Skeet shooting
  • A bird
  • A football throw.
  • or anything else you can think of.

Sep 16th
Today we will look at Creating objects in the library again.
Drawing using flash, and ensuring we have layers and folders!
Creating a button
Using the button

Order of work today:
  1. Finish stickman animation
  2. Work on Pacman
    1. If you feel you are done the pacman and there is still class time you need to add to it. Some suggestions include:
      1. Mrs. Pacman
      2. Ghosts
      3. Blinking Ghost
      4. Sound
      5. Other. Be creative, yet appropriate!

Sep 15th

We will continue to work on the Pacman opening scene.
For a lesson today we will learn about Movie clips.
We might also learn about Buttons.
Things I would like for the Pacman:
  • The Words "Pacman - 'Tag phrase here' " e.g. 'is awesome.' or 'one great game'
  • Chomping Pacman that is a movie clip
  • Background image.
    • Try drawing one please:
    • When drawing the background place in a folder in the layers window.
    • If you are not artistic keep it simple:
      • Green grass
      • Blue sky
      • Clouds
        • Animate the clouds. Then it looks like we are moving
  • A Ghost.
    • Try turning the ghost blue, like in the game when pacman eats a power pill.
  • Dots ( food) that Pacman eats.

Sep 13th

Welcome back, I hope everybody enjoyed their Weekend.

Here is the plan for today:
  1. Go over exporting animated .gifs in Fireworks.
  2. Learn about animation in Pivot Stickman.
  3. Assign a new assignment: Stickman Animation

Sep 9th

  • Continue working on your Name assignment. Click here for criteria.
  • Animate a character of your choice.
    • Pick someone you would like to animate. (Must be school appropriate)
    • Find an image of that person or character online. Download it and save to your docs, in your animation folder.
    • Paste on the bottom layer of a new Fireworks canvas.
    • Trace the character using the pen tool.
    • Try to add shape shading to give the character depth.