Today you will be working in partners to create a road trip of North America….

First Step

You need to have a Google Account. If you have one go to and login.

If you do not have one go to Sign UP

Part A. Choose your Favourite Places!

Spend some time with your partner researching the places in North America that you want to go the most. Use the resources on the internet to help you. You must choose a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 destinations. Make sure you have an idea of the things you want to do/ landmarks you want to see within each of these places. Please make sure you show your list of places to your teacher before you continue to Part B.

For example: you may choose Orlando as a city destination. Three things you may want to do could be: See an Orlando Magic Basketball Game, Go to Disney World, Head to Daytona Beach.

Part B. Create your Road Map

Here are the steps you must follow to create your road map.
1.Sign into your google/gmail account (you only need one account per team).
3. Click on the ‘Maps’ tab.
4. Expand the tab on the left side of your screen.
5. Click on ‘My Places’
6. Click on ‘Create Map’ (red highlighted)
7. Give your map a title. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE THE NAMES OF BOTH PARTNERS in your title!
8. Give your map a description: All Period Day ‘D’ Project.
9. Using the ‘draw a line/shape along road’ tool, draw a line from Winnipeg to your first destination. Must be a reasonable Driving distance.
10. CLICK once on the destination. The moues icon will change from Crosshairs to a white circle. If you are happy with that spot, then click on the white spot. A popup will ask you to label it. Label it "First Leg"
11. Click on the "Add a Placemark Tool" and drop a placemark/pinon it. A popup will ask you to label it. Label it the name of the city.
Note This destination should appear on the tab on the left side of your screen.
12. Repeat steps 8-10 as you continue your road map across North America.
13. Overall, you should have a list that looks like this: (Click on the link on the bottom to see it in Full Screen)

View All Period D in a larger map

Part C. Driving Calculations (This part will be done on Paper)**
  1. Calculate the total distance covered on your road trip in km.
  2. Complete the following table.

Leg #
City Start
City end
Distance Covered that Day (in km)
Time of Trip that Day (in hr)


Total # of cities visited:

Part D. Car Calculations
  1. Now you are going to choose a car from the following website.

  1. Write down your car here: _

  1. Once you have chosen your car, make sure you are under the ‘Fuel Economy’ tab and find your car’s Highway Fuel Economy. This will be measured in Miles per Gallon (MPG). Convert this into Litres/Kilometres using the following website. Highway fuel economy in kilometers/litre:

  1. Use the current price of gas ($1.20) to find the total cost of gas for your entire trip. Use the method below to help you. Cost of gas for the entire trip: __

Part E. Map for your Favourite Destination
  1. Now you are going to create a more specific map for your favourite city.
  2. Click on the ‘My Places’ button on Googlemaps.
  3. Click on ‘Create Map’ (red highlighted)
  4. Create a new title: Stop #_: (name of place__) and a new description
  5. You need to find the addresses of the top three places that you want to see within your favourite city. Google the addresses and copy and paste it into your new map of your favourite city.
  6. Next, find the address and cost of a hotel. Go to Click on the ‘hotel’ tab and make sure you select ‘hotel only’.
  7. Choose your hotel, then copy and paste the address into your new map of your city.
  8. You should now have 4 pins/placemarkers on your city map (one for the hotel, three for the three landmarks) and a route connecting them.

Part F. Favourite City Calculations
Please complete the following table.

City Name:
Hotel Name and Address:
Day #
Hotel Cost
Landmark Name & Cost to enter
Distance Covered (don’t forget- there and back!)
Cost of Gas



Total Days/NIghts in City:
Total Hotel Cost:
Total Distance Covered within city:
Total Cost of Gas in City:

Part G. Create an Ad Favourite City
This should be a one page ad for your favourite city. You should include the name of the city, the top attractions your are seeing (including pictures and images) and some brief descriptions for each of the places.

Part H. Put it all together!
Your final product will be a poster of your road trip and your favourite city.
- Make sure to print both your road trip map and your favourite city map
- Print your ad
- Attach all three calculations sheets to the poster (one on top of the other, stapled onto the poster)
- Make the poster look good!!

Part I. Email me!
Int the comments tab of this page paste the following:
1) ROAD TRIP Google Map link
2) FAVOURITE CITY Google Map link
3) ATTACHMENT of your Favourite city ad

When you are done please answer the following questions: