A Day in the Life

Remember this is worth 20%

Create an Animation in Flash

Topic: A day in your Life.

You are the main character. The event is up to you. The setting is up to you, it should be something you are comfortable with. Maybe school, home, work sports venue, etc.

Try to make your scene under 5 secs. Meaning every 5 seconds, create a new scene. (I would use scenes and not Movie Clips)

Your animation needs the following:
  • Entry / Title Page
    • Text effect Tutorial that we did at the end of the semestre
  • Movie Clip
  • Motion tween
  • Audio,
  • Voice - it could be yours or you could use the website that we have been using in class.
  • At least two interaction with the viewers. So you need multiply endings.
  • A filter tween (Blur / Drop Shadow)
  • A Shape tween.
  • 3 zooms
  • 3 pans
  • Min. 2 characters.
  • Moving Background

Due Date: Jan 28th